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    Full Spectrum Little Apple for shops and store

      • Full Spectrum “Little Apple”, Move the Sunshine into the Room
      • Full spectrum design, infinitely close to sunlight
      • RA≥95, Displaying the original color of the product
      • Stripe design, even and soft? light radiation, protect vision
      • In-built kungfu chip, no fear high temperature
    http://cdn.globalso.com/red100-lighting/f300bbfc.png http://cdn.globalso.com/red100-lighting/08545d8a.png http://cdn.globalso.com/red100-lighting/0652cfae.png




    • Unique design: Look like an apple

      Unique design: Look like an apple

      P2 design is inspired by Apple. Different from the shape of the general LED bulb, the shape of the apple is more recognizable. Unique product design, make your products different, stand out among similar products. Stripe design, even and soft light radiation, protect vision.
      P2 is suitable for Suitable for Shops, Restaurant and Household Use.
    • Full Spectrum Design, Infinitely Close to Sunlight

      Full Spectrum Design, Infinitely Close to Sunlight

      Full spectrum refers to the spectral curve of ultraviolet, visible and infrared light in the spectrum, and the ratio of red, green and blue in the visible part is similar to that of sunlight, and the color rendering index is close to 100. The spectrum of sunlight can be called full spectrum.
      In the morning, the sunlight is about 4000k.
      At noon, the sunlight is about 4500k.
      In the afternoon, the sunlight is about 2700K-3000K.
      In the evening, the sunlight is about 2200K.
      Full Spectrum P2, Infinitely Close to Sunlight, effectively relieve eye fatigue and reduce eye discomfort.
    • RA≥95, Displaying the original color of the product

      RA≥95, Displaying the original color of the product

      The light of the full-spectrum lamp has the color light of each wavelength in the visible region of the human eye, which can provide rich color light and restore the natural and true color of the illuminated object. Reduce the harm of blue light from the source of light source.
      The full-spectrum LED uses purple LED excitation, which reduces the source problem of the light source. Blu-ray ingredients, reduce the damage to the eyes. At the same time, the spectral curve of the full spectrum is close. The sunlight spectrum curve can effectively improve the comfort of users' eyes.


    Model No. Wattage Input Voltage Lumen Size
    P2 Full Spectrum 13w 100-240v 1050lm 70*140mm
    P2 Full Spectrum 16w 100-240v 1250lm 70*140mm
    P2 Full Spectrum 20w 100-240v 1650lm 70*140mm