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    Side Walk Bulb for HID Replacement

      • Small size with high lumen, perfect replacement for HID
      • 360? Rotatable installation
      • Suitable for use in totally enclosed applications
      • IP 65design
    http://cdn.globalso.com/red100-lighting/73aafe73.png http://cdn.globalso.com/red100-lighting/08858bc2.png http://cdn.globalso.com/red100-lighting/e1caa4211.png




    • S1 can perfectly replace existing traditional light source (CFL, HID)

      S1 can perfectly replace existing traditional light source (CFL, HID)

      Around the world, it is a general trend to use more energy-saving and environmentally friendly LED light sources to replace traditional incandescent and fluorescent lamps.
      S1 24w/30w/40w can replace 45w/65w/85w CFL, 125w/160w/250w mercury, can perfectly replace existing traditional light source, LED replacement of traditional lighting can not only bring us convenience and save money from a long-term perspective, but also protect the environment and benefit future generations and all mankind.
      S1 is suitable for residential area, parks, stadiums, parking lot and rural area, suitable for lighting source replacement of Europe, America, Asia and Africa, etc. in the market.
    • Key features of S1

      Key features of S1

      1. 360? Rotatable installation, rotatable installation. It can be rotated during installation to fit more lamps and lanterns.
      2. Super low temperature, suitable for use in totally enclosed applications, if the temperature of the lamp is too high, it will affect the lifetime, High temperature can easily cause lamp beads to die, serious light decay, and even bring safety risks.
      3. IP65 Design, water protection and dust protection, prevent rain water and dust from entering the interior of the lamp.
    • Application


      S1 can perfectly replace existing traditional light source CFL, HID. We provides a quick-return, easy-to-use LED solution to replace high-intensity gas discharge (HID) lamps. In addition, S1 is the same as other HID lamps in size and light distribution, so you can't even feel the difference between them. Also, its unique IP65 design means it can be used for both outdoor and indoor applications.
      S1 could be used in the following applications:

      1. Urban public areas: streets, parks, motorways, squares. 2. Public roads-streets, public areas 3. Industrial buildings and warehouses in public areas


    Model No. Wattage(w) Input Voltage(v) PF Ra Lumen(lm) Beam Angle Size(mm) Working Temp. Life Time(H) Cap Base Carton Size
    S1 30W 220V 0.9 80 2700 120° 235*95 -20-40℃ 35000 E40 50*27.2*16.5 0.022 600g
    S1 40W 220V 0.9 80 3600 120° 235*95 -20-40℃ 35000 E40 50*27.2*16.5 0.022 600g