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    tuya x red100(2)
    Jul 06,2021 By Lucy Hiddleston


    ?This article quotes? from Tuya smart “Under the frequent industrial chaos of “Chip Shortage”, the solution makes smart lighting inexpensive!

    ?Since last year, the chip shortage in the semiconductor industry has caused various industrial chaos, such as the suspended production of automobiles, the chip lack for small home appliances, the price increase of graphics cards, and the stock-out of mobile phones. Upon entering 2021, major enterprises have been vying for limited chip resources at home and abroad, leading to the soaring price of chips.

    ?With the continuous intelligentization of lighting products, the smart lighting industry has faced the increasing demand for chips. In the smart lighting industry, there is a huge market stock with 2.4 G and infrared remote control as the core. Based on built-in chips, these devices are affected by the cost increase. In the context of the rising costs, Beacon, which is smarter yet at a similar cost to 2.4 G and infrared remote control, provides a new choice for lighting manufacturers.


    ?Why Choose Beacon?

    ?The Bluetooth LE protocol involve two ways for data communication, the broadcast-based (equivalent to “non-targeted yelling”) and the connection-based (equivalent to “a dedicated line-based calling”). Since broadcast-based communication allows the transmission of small data sets without establishing a connection, it can realize many fast and simple operation modes.

    ?Beacon is a communication way based on broadcast. This small device that can be flexibly placed can send continuous signals to any mobile device within its transmission range. This technology based on the Bluetooth Low Energy protocol enables short-pulse wireless connections, and allows broadcast-based simultaneous communication with multiple devices.

    ?Thanks to the traits, Beacon applies to and support a wide range of scenarios, from the control of indoor/outdoor lighting and electrical equipment, to in-store shopping guides, people flow analysis, item tracking, indoor car search, etc. in smart business scenarios.

    微信圖片_20210706131006[Connection-Based Communication Method vs. Broadcast-Based Communication Method]

    ?Beacon has been applied since many years ago. Proximity Directory reported that 75% of the top 20 retailers in the United States, including Walmart, Macy’s and Rite Aid, have adopted Beacon technology. Many international airports have also adopted Beacon technology for passenger traffic monitoring and location services.

    ?This year, Tuya Smart (NYSE: TUYA), the world’s leading IoT cloud platform, officially launched Tuya Beacon, enabling intelligent transformation and upgrading of multiple scenarios.

    ?The Tuya Beacon protocol is based on the Bluetooth LE broadcast communication technology. It has improved pairing and un-pairing, grouping and unpacking, group management, encryption and decryption, and security policies, forming a lightweight and secure Bluetooth protocol that can be connected to Tuya Cloud. Easy control of smart products is just realized.

    ?Currently, through the cooperation with chip suppliers such as Beken, JieLi, All Link, etc., Tuya has introduced several cost-effective Beacon chips and released low-code product solutions, which can be independently created on the IoT platform and solution center.

    ?Why should we choose Tuya Beacon rather than other protocols?

    ?Firstly, choosing Tuya Beacon means joining the Powered by Tuya ecosystem. On this basis, with the various gateways and composite gateway products of Tuya, you can access mainstream voice control platforms such as Google Assistant and Amazon Alexa, and realize interconnection and interoperability with more than 310,000 models of smart device SKUs in the ecosystem.

    Secondly, Tuya Beacon provides a better network distribution experience. The network distribution can be completed in 3-5 seconds, without the need for routers and gateways. A user can better experience the services simply with a smart phone for device control.

    ?Thirdly, Tuya Beacon products are simple and low-cost. The Beacon chips cost must less than the WiFi & Bluetooth LE double-module combination. Tuya Beacon with the highly competitive prices allows consumers to enjoy a more intelligent life with less expenditure.

    ?Fourthly, the Tuya Beacon protocol is simple and easy to develop, which provides great convenience for solution providers and developers to independently develop more diversified application capabilities and adapt to more application scenarios.

    Classification of Tuya Bluetooth Protocol Way of Communication Typical Features Typical Applications
    Tuya Bluetooth LE Establish Bluetooth LE connection with a mobile phone or gateway for communication. Direct connection, low power consumption, fast transmission Bracelet, watch, smart toothbrush, smart scale,
    Tuya Beacon Communicate with mobile phones or gateways through Bluetooth LE broadcast Small data sets, short range, ultra-low speed, ultra-low cost Low-cost magnetic switch, PIR, temperature and humidity sensor, low-cost tape light, low-cost wall surface mount, remote control, scenario switch
    Bluetooth Mesh Bluetooth networking communication that follows Bluetooth Mesh standards Mesh network, large-scale group control Mesh light, commercial lighting, smart household suite

    ?[Comparison of Bluetooth Protocols on Tuya Platform]

    ?This means that Tuya Beacon can become high-quality and inexpensive “high-quality substitutes” under the industrial context of the rising chip prices, and provide consumers with a more relaxed control experience.

    ?Tuya Beacon, Empowering Abundant Scenarios

    As mentioned above, Tuya Beacon serves smart homes, outdoor courtyards, health and elderly care, and smart business scenarios. There are applications in all major smart home systems, especially smart lighting and sensor systems.

    ?Moreover, the trait of Beacon “broadcast-based” communication makes it especially suitable for simple light control. Tuya Beacon supports group control. A node can belong to 8 groups at a time, and a whole family can have up to 254 groups. Besides, it realizes brightness/color temperature/color light adjustment, lighting scenes, music rhythm, countdown, Beacon Bluetooth remote control, group control, local timing and other functions, further enhancing users’ intelligent life experience.

    ?In addition, common home devices, such as body fat scales, temperature and humidity sensors and others, can also be intelligentized through Tuya Beacon.


    ?[Home Smart Lighting Scenario]

    ?In foreign countries, many families have their own courtyards. Based on Tuya Beacon, lighting appliances, such as ground-plugged lights, project lights, string lights and wall lights, in a courtyard can also be easily controlled with one button.

    微信圖片_20210706131019[Outdoor Smart Lighting Scenario]


    ?Beacon applies to more than that. A large number of intelligent lighting equipment empowered by Beacon is like a “tracking and positioning network”, which has been profoundly applied in scenarios such as smart business and public facilities. As long as a customer downloads a relevant App in advance and turn on the notification function, he can accurately know the shelves of his target goods when entering the shopping mall, and can receive discount information from the supermarket at any time. Services such as car searching in indoor parking lots, positioning and guides in scenic spots, introduction of exhibits in museums, and location indications in airports can all be offered based on the same principles.


    ?At present, Tuya Smart has reached a cooperation with Red100, a China’s leading smart lighting manufacturer. The two parties have co-launched a number of Wi-Fi & Bluetooth LE dual-module combination and Bluetooth LE-based products, which have been exported to Europe, South America, Southeast Asia and other regions. The latest Tuya Beacon-based products have been developed and trial-produced, and the samples are open to order.


    ?In addition to the developed smart lighting, smart home appliances, electrical sensing, health and elderly care, and other solutions, Tuya Beacon will explore more application scenarios such as indoor car search.


    ?Five Qs&As

    For Your Better Understanding of Tuya Beacon


    Q: What are the advantages and disadvantages of Tuya Beacon?


    A: The advantages include the super high cost performance, the group control function, the support for Beacon remote control, simple development, the easy-to-use trait. Regarding the disadvantages, it supports neither OTA nor the report of device status, and it cannot realize complex functions such as biological rhythms, sleep/wake, etc.


    ?Q: How to create a product?


    A: A light source product can be created through “Lighting-Light Source-Custom Scheme Entry-Select Tuya Beacon Protocol”, and the chip platform is selected on the “Hardware Development” development page.


    ?Q: Ways of solution docking?


    A: Currently, two docking methods are supported, SDK docking and SoC customization.


    SDK Docking: A customer can develop his own embedded program based on SDK.


    SoC Customization: Tuya will customize SoC firmware according to customer needs.


    We will have some pre-developed optional SoC solutions for customers. With the solutions, as long as a PID is created and the chip platform is selected, the customer can ask the corresponding project manager in the background for binding.


    The Tuya Beacon solution is shipped directly in the form of chips, while the embedded firmware of the SoC solution will be pre-burned in the chips before shipment.


    ?Q: Does it support Alexa and Google Assistant access?


    A: Yes. A gateway is required. The gateway is currently under development, and it is expected to support the access in August.


    ?Q: Does it support Beacon remote?


    A: Yes. The remote solution is under development.