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    Jul 22,2021 By Lucy Hiddleston

    On July 22, 2021, RED100 Beacon smart bulbs were officially mass-produced, and the first batch of Beacon smart bulb samples were delivered to Tuya. The sample delivery ceremony was held at RED100. Lin Tianzhun, General Manager of Tuya Smart East China, accepted the first batch of samples on behalf of Tuya Smart.


    Lin Tianjun, General Manager of Tuya Smart East China (left),? Lin Limin, General Manager of RED100 Lighting (right)

    As the first partner of Tuya Beacon smart lighting solution,?RED100 launched Beacon Smart Bulb on July 6th, Beacon smart bulb is suitable for all kinds of indoor and outdoor home lighting scenes, and with its cost-effective, easy-to-connect?advantages, it has gained customer recognition worldwide.

    RED100, as a strategy partner with Tuya Smart, had developed over 50 series of connected products using different wireless platform, including Wi-Fi Combo, BLE Mesh, BLE, and Zigbee. Their lighting products had sold to North America, Europe, South America, Southeast Asia and other regions. Bothparties will continue to cooperate in the market and products, and dig deeper into the landing scenes and market opportunities of smart lighting in the global market.

    Any customers who are interested in this Beacon bulbs, pls. contact regional sales manager from Red 100, and any samples request will be responded within 1 week. Please send email to info@red100.com.cn or call 86-512- 53119122.

    About RED100 Lighting

    ?RED100 Lighting is a Global leading connected lighting manufacturer based in China

    RED100 was founded in 1995. Now, it has established two factories, respectively in Suzhou and Yantai and employs over 1,200 employees.

    RED100 has focused on designing, researching and developing, manufacturing and selling the lighting products for 26 years. Meanwhile, RED 100 owns 93 key technology patents, the specialized laboratory which has passed the German TUV certification, Swiss SGS certification, and American UL certification. It is also one of the entities for setting energy efficient standard of LED in China, and products are exported to over 60 countries. RED100 is a professional lighting source manufacturer focusing on smart lighting products.

    For more information, please visit:

    RED100 Lighting’s Website, LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter, YouTube.