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    Dec 10,2020 By Lucy Hiddleston

    In June 2018, the new R&D office building of Red100 was officially put into use. The new building covers an area of 32,000 square meters, with an overall structure of five floors. It has advanced intelligent exhibition halls, LED R&D labs, LED standardization production plants, new product release hall of suppliers, lean production training center and modern and humanized office environment, which has created an integrated platform of centralized office, efficient integration of resources and optimized efficiency for the rapid development in the future.


    Modern office environment

    According to the corporate development concept of “only makes one good lamp in life” of Red100, the building uses red, white and black as its main colors, selects safe and environmental protection materials for the space materials, and adopts intelligent lighting control system and energy saving and environmental protection in the overall design, all of which reflect the development vision of Red100 Lighting to embrace new lighting technology and establish an intelligent factory


    Intelligent exhibition hall

    Intelligent unified management and control is a major feature of the exhibition hall. All contents in the exhibition hall can be unified for playback control and can be managed uniformly through an intelligent platform. The exhibition hall is divided into corporate culture zone, core technology exhibition zone and product display zone. First of all, in the corporate culture zone, it shows the past, present and future of Red100, as well as the deep industry accumulation of focusing on light source products for 23 years and insisting on super cost-effective bulbSecondly, in the core technology display area, the 3D video format was adopted, and the 6 core technologies of Red100, including STC self-cooling, DOB technology, midhole thermal convection technology , short runway cooling technology, fin cooling technology, and DPT coating cooling technology, were displayed vividly.

    In the product display area, four product series, including screw high bay light series, small street light S series, shop light T series, and bulb light A series were displayed.1653024691(1) 1653024704(1)

    LED standardized factory

    Red100 LED bulb standardized production factory breaks the traditional production process and operation mode, adopts advanced automated production equipment, and standardized lean management, which effectively improves the production efficiency in the manufacturing process and the product quality is more stable.

    LED R&D lab

    The R&D center of Red100 has been focusing on the development of one large and one small lamps. The continuous investment in R&D has led to leading product performance. The hardware and software for R&D equipment and laboratories in the new building have been upgraded, providing more powerful support for R&D of product.

    Release hall of new products from suppliers

    In order to find good plans and good materials, Red100 has built a new online material recommendation quotation platform, soliciting good materials and good plans. At the same time, the new office building has a “Release Hall of New Products from Suppliers” of transparent design. Good materials and good plans will be reviewed in an open and fair manner.

    Lean production training center

    The new building has a lean production training center, which aims to input lean talents to Red100 through processed and standardized training. Under the subtle influence of lean thinking, the lean management system of Red100 is gradually taking shape. From customer requirements to product development, and from manufacturing to customer delivery, Red100 provides cost-effective LED bulb products for every customer under the guidance of lean management system.

    Make only one good lamp in life

    In the new era, new environment, new beginning, and new action, Red100 will continue to adhere to the corporate philosophy of “Making only one good lamp in life” and continue to invest more in product and technology research and development, automation and intelligent production, providing cost-effective LED bulbs for global consumers!