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    Dec 10,2020 By Lucy Hiddleston

    Red100, devoted to high-power lighting in 23 years, achieves steady development. At present, its exports have covered more than 60 countries around the world, and its sales has increased by more than 50% per year. This outshines others in the lighting industry where the competition is increasingly fierce. However, in the increasingly competitive industry, the efficiency effect of the lighting industry management will gradually become prominent. In order to continue to lead the production efficiency and product quality management, and create more and better high-quality LED products, Red100 decided to introduce the advanced lean production model from Toyota, Japan.
    On March 27, 2017, the lean production project of Red100 was officially launched. In the fiercely competitive LED industry, how to improve production efficiency, how to shorten product delivery, and how to make high-quality LED products, Red100 has gradually found its direction under the concept of lean production, and is constantly exploring and improving, gradually forming its characteristic lean production mode. In the eight months, Red100 made improvements and explorations internally from top to bottom. The lean production development includes 6S, U shape line, standard operations, training dojo, TPM, visualization, equipment improvement, quality improvement, and personnel training. A total of more than 600 lean production results have been achieved so far.


    Full participation, eliminating all wastes
    Various reasons such as traditional production management methods, unordered production sites, and wrong operation methods resulted in waste in production, and various wastes resulted in a low production efficiency and a high cost, which limits the development of the enterprise.
    ?In order to eliminate the waste during production, the Red100 staff, including the high-level management, did not produce any waste, everyone must find “wastes” on site, find opportunities for improvement, form effective solutions, and provide new ideas for the company to reduce wastes, Red100 has set up the “Lean Employee Award” to encourage employees to participate in on-site management, to guide employees to use lean thoughts and ideas to give full play to their wisdom, and to make suggestions for improvement on on-site work waste.


    In the atmosphere of full participation in lean production, managers and front-line employees are actively involved in lean production proposals, from small details – “3.5mm adjustment of grinding tools with 60 yuan will reduce the cost of 10,000 yuan”, 300 ml of small plastic barrels are replaced with 2,600 ml large plastic barrels, saving time for changing glues, and saving a labor cost of 10 million yuan per year,” to the big plan – “through improving the drawbacks of the traditional line-styled production line and introducing U-shaped production line, the production efficiency of standard lamp per capita increased by 30%.” Red100 employees are proud to propose lean production proposals and become “lean employees”.

    The most difficult thing to change in the implementation of new things is the concept. In addition to the full participation, another key practice in the implementation of lean production of Red100 is the strong driving of lean culture. Lean project management board is posted in each workshop. The Lean Knowledge section allows employees to learn about lean knowledge at any time, and the Lean Results Display section allows employees to see the results of each lean project at any time. In Red100, lean thinking can be seen everywhere in a visual form, which gradually occupies the minds of employees, and changes every employee to a person with lean thinking. As a result, the mode of lean production is penetrated into the blood of Red100 and the unique lean culture of Red100 is formed.


    Lean production helps Red100 to provide customers with high-quality and high-power LED products

    Through eliminating all “wastes”, the lean production mode helps Red100 improve the product quality and production efficiency, and helps Red100 become an expert in “high-quality and high-power LED”. In Red100, lean production is no longer is a means, but a change in the way of thinking. Under the subtle influence of lean thinking, the process and organization of Red100 have become lean, and every employee has gradually become a person with lean thinking. Red100 is becoming a lean enterprise and has gradually improved its management level in terms of efficiency, delivery, quality and cost.

    Lean production is a never-ending process of excellence. Red100 will continue to take the road of lean production and continue to lead the manufacturing process and quality, forming a lean management system from customer requirements to product development, and from manufacturing to customer delivery, and Red100 will strive to provide high-quality and high-power LED products for every Red100 customer in the future.