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    tuya x red100(2)
    Jul 06,2021 By Lucy Hiddleston

    On July 6th, RED100 lighting — a Global leading connected lighting manufacturer based in China, announced that it launched a cost-effective, easy-to-connect smart bulb solution–Beacon Smart Bulb, after Tuya smart just launched the beacon platform last Saturday on July 3rd.

    ?In the past years, more and more lighting devices are connected with each other by different wireless technologies. In an industry where the cost of data storage is being reduced rapidly and a wireless standardization is being carried out, other terms such as Zigbee have begun to be heard in addition to famous Wi-Fi and Bluetooth. And now a new platform, Beacon, has joined the wireless family.

    • Bluetooth is oriented to the point-to-point connection or mesh network of few nodes. Its use is mainly concentrated in desktops, laptops, mobile phones or audio output devices, hands-free, sports or home automation devices and even toys, medical technology or industry.
    • Wi-Fi allows the Internet connection of different devices, and it also allows devices to connect under the same network. It is probably the most widely used, thus we can find many connected devices today.
    • Zigbee requires the use of a bridge or hub device, which is mainly for home use, sensors, data collection that do not require high speeds, etc.
    • Beacon, as a new member of connecting method, will bring users a different product experience. Beacons are devices that send specific broadcast signals to surroundings within a certain range.?Beacon applies to and support a wide range of scenarios, from the control of indoor/outdoor lighting and electrical equipment, to in-store shopping guides, people flow analysis, item tracking, indoor car search, etc. in smart business scenarios.

    Beacon light solutions are based on Bluetooth broadcasting and enable quick and secure integration. With these solutions, smart lights are easier to develop, cost lower, and do not require significant Wi-Fi resources. They support multiple control methods and modes, including mobile app-based control without a gateway, remote control through a gateway, control by Beacon remote controls, and auto control through linkage with contact sensors, PIR sensors, and other devices. The solutions are applicable to lighting scenarios where multiple lighting devices (such as chandeliers and downlights) are used in one place.


    ?What are the benefits of Beacon?

    ?Firstly, with support group control, users can add different LED lamps to a group for group control and management. Flexible grouping method, one lamp can belong to 8 groups at the same time, and the whole family can have up to 254 groups.

    ?Secondly, Beacon provides a better network distribution experience. The network distribution can be completed in 3-5 seconds, without the need for routers and gateways. A user can better experience the services simply with a smart phone for device control.

    ?Thirdly, Beacon realizes brightness/color temperature/color light adjustment, lighting scenes, music rhythm, countdown, Beacon Bluetooth remote control, group control, local timing and other functions, further enhancing users’ intelligent life experience.


    ?Where to get Beacon Bulbs?

    tuya x red100(2)

    RED100, as a strategy partner with Tuya Smart, had developed over 50 series of connected products using different wireless platform, including Wi-Fi Combo, BLE Mesh, BLE, and Zigbee. Their lighting products had sold to North America, Europe, South America, Southeast Asia and other regions.

    ?As the first partner of Tuya Beacon smart solution for lights, the first batch of Beacon Bulb in the world is provided by RED100, and is to be launched today. Beacon Bulbs have already past feasibility and long lifetime reliability test.

    ?The Beacon bulbs are ready for Production in Days and samples are open for ordering. Any customers who are interested in this Beacon bulbs, pls. contact regional sales manager from Red 100, and any samples request will be responded in 1 week. Please send email to info@red100.com.cn or call 86-512- 53119122.

    ?About RED100 Lighting

    RED100 Lighting is a Global leading connected lighting manufacturer based in China

    RED100 was founded in 1995. Now, it has established two factories, respectively in Suzhou and Yantai and employs over 1,200 employees.

    RED100 has focused on designing, researching and developing, manufacturing and selling the lighting products for 26 years. Meanwhile, RED 100 owns 93 key technology patents, the specialized laboratory which has passed the German TUV certification, Swiss SGS certification, and American UL certification. It is also one of the entities for setting energy efficient standard of LED in China, and products are exported to over 60 countries. RED100 is a professional lighting source manufacturer focusing on smart lighting products.

    For more information, please visit:

    RED100 Lighting’s Website, LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter


    * This article quotes from Tuya smart “Under the frequent industrial chaos of “Chip Shortage, the solution makes smart lighting inexpensive!