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    Emergency Lamp for Outdoor Camping and Household Use

      • Emergency Backup up to 2.5 Hours
      • Abnormal charge current protection circuit provides extra safety
      • Premium lithium battery suitable charge for more than 200 times
      • 110-240V Universal Voltage




    • Are you struggling with those issues?

      Are you struggling with those issues?

      1. Suddenly out of electricity, your kids haven’t finish their homework.
      2. Operate business in a night market, forgot to charge your battery backup lighting.
      3. Supermarket, restaurant and public facility suddenly out of electricity, create public disorder and property damage.
      4. Going out to picnic in a weekend without electricity, a battery backup lamp will resolve your problem.
      5. Dorms in University out of electricity, there’s a midterm tomorrow, and we still need a little more time to prepare.
    • AS-2, a Lamp with Multiple Purposes

      AS-2, a Lamp with Multiple Purposes

      1. During a normal condition, it can operate as a general purpose lamp.
      2. It takes 10 hours to fully charge the battery, and it will operate more than 3 hours during the electricity shortage.
      3. During an Emergency condition
      4. A 10W A19 operate at 260 Lumens, and a 12W operate at 300 Lumens.
      5. Application: Living Room, Exhibition Hall, Shopping Mall, Clothing Store, hiking, camping, night market and so on.
    • Features


      1. Emergency Backup, emergency Backup up to 2. 5 Hours.
      2. Abnormal Charge Current Protection, abnormal charge current protection circuit provides extra safety.
      3. 2000mAh Lithium Battery, premium lithium battery suitable charge for more than 200 times.
      4. Universal Voltage, 110-240V Universal Voltage.
      5. PC material, strong light transmittance, uniform lighting effect.
      6. Energy saving/Environmentally, no mercury pollution, no ultraviolet radiation, green environmental protection, health.
      7. The integrated ventilation cooling design makes the lamp have good heat dissipation, reduces the internal temperature, and extends the lifetime.
      8. Exquisite appearance, can replace the traditional incandescent lamp,
      9. High quality light color: high brightness, high color rendering index, milky white lens, natural and soft light color.


    Model No. Wattage(w) Input Voltage(v) PF Ra Lumen(lm) Beam Angle Size(mm) Working Temp. Life Time(H) Cap Base Carton Size
    AS-2 10W 175-265 0.9 80 850
    210° 67.5*145 -20-40℃ 15000 E27 56.5*36*16.8/40 0.034
    AS-2 12W 175-265 0.9 80 1050
    210° 78*157 -20-40℃ 15000 E27 65.2*41.5*18/40 0.049